Places in the Upside Down

The landscape of the Dark Hour MOSTLY matches its "real world" counterpart - until you go deeper, that is. Beyond that, there are some places in the Hour of particular interest.


Those Who Walk in Shadow

The great rewards that come with Returning and completing one's Privilege come at a great cost. The Dark Hour can't be avoided - and neither can the things that are found in it.

Switching Masks: Changing Triumphs

One of the only consistent things about the universe is that it changes, right down to the creatures who occupy it. Cards are no exception. While some life-changing events only make a person more of who they already are, others place them on a completely different path from where they started. As such, a Card’s Triumph can change, together with their Persona.

Card Merits

This post is a compilation of all of the Merits that were developed with this homebrew in mind. They're also specific to the template, so only Card characters can purchase them.

Special Advantages: Vigor, Anima, Synergy

This post runs through the Storytelling systems relevant to the Advantages unique to Cards: Vigor (the sheer strength of their will embodied), Anima (the energy they use to power their abilities), and Synergy (how "in sync" they are with their Persona).


A character’s Skills reflect the education and training he’s acquired over the course of his life, and are a reflection of his origins and interests. Skills can be acquired in any number of ways, from institutionalized learning to hard, hands-on experience. A young recruit at the police academy is trained to use a handgun, while a gangbanger learns to shoot as a matter of survival.

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