Dead. (Still Dreaming)

This is “Chapter One” of the Persona blog, the master list that collects all of the posts that deal with what Cards and Persona are, the “Borderlines” of Card campaigns (like the Dark Hour, or the Fog), and other entries on general information.


dfc6a0bd67d8a110e04098c18e112765The Second Breath (Waking the Dead)

The “canon” version of how Cards are born in this adaptation is that all Cards actually died. Before their souls could return to the karmic cycle, however, or sink to Stygia, something tore them in half. The universe rushed to compensate by bringing them back to the Fifth World and rewriting itself around them as though their death never happened. Becoming a Card, then, is an act of remembering death.


8246c3806757ec38284b23b68b537cefThe Pilgrimage

The traumatic severing of a Card’s soul necessitated a collective disavowal of all of the events leading up to their death – but the Dark Hour remembers. The Pilgrimage is a matter of survival, because it leads both Card and Persona back to each other.



50bef7fd59c34ab26c524594794d9411A Handbook on Life After Death

They might look the same, talk the same, walk the same, piss/shit/vomit the same, love the same and hate the same, but Cards aren’t quite human anymore. This section is dedicated to looking at the things that make Cards… well, Cards.




0bd84177fcb6266e5ea1955396fff5e3The Call You Didn’t Know You Answered

At the end of the day, a Card and her Persona are like two souls dwelling in the same psychic space, made up of exactly the same stuff – one merely represents a different side of the other at its “highest” and “finest” point without the limitations of the physical mind and body, including the burden of contradictory urges and feelings. This entry elaborates on what Persona are and how they act. Storytelling systems pertaining to Persona specifically have their own section.


5a84fcc221395d23bd0104093af91e31The Dark Hour

Umbra of the world? A realm within the shadow of a realm? The collective unconscious? Whatever it is, the Dark Hour is dangerous, and it’s intimately tied to the existence of Cards.


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