The Power of the Mask

All Cards possess the following abilities, regardless of their Arcana. They also gain them for free, the moment they have drawn their Second Breath.

Know Arcana

A Card can extend his senses to the supernatural world and identify the Arcana of other Cards. The ability is passive, and cannot actually be turned off. It can, however, be fooled by other Persona-based abilities, as some Arcana will reveal.

PLEASE NOTE: This ability can only be used to read other Cards’ individual Arcana. It cannot be used to penetrate the masks of Changelings, reveal Promethean disfigurements and so on.

Reveal Persona

A Card can manifest his Persona to other Cards. Note that this is different from summoning one’s Persona in battle, or to perform a particular action.

SPECIAL: if desired, a Card can add his ranks in his Arcana to his Intimidation dice pools if trying to intimidate other Persona-users. Consequently, Cards also use their ranks in Vigor to resist the Intimidation rolls of opposing Cards, subtracting their rank in dice from that opposing dice pool.

Smother Persona

The Card can tap into the energies of Persona and channel them against another Card, smothering the target’s ability to summon his Persona. This is a contested Presence + Resolve + Vigor vs. Presence + Composure + Vigor roll, and counts as an instant action.

Upon success, the opposing Card cannot summon his Persona for the number of turns equal to the smothering Card’s Vigor rating minus his own Vigor rating (minimum: one turn).

Create Social Link

A Card is capable of feeling the psychic energies of well-defined personalities, and drawing upon the power of sympathetic ties for themselves. By channeling the memories they possess of these individuals and through an extended reflection on how these people have effected their lives, they can deepen the sympathy between them, and wield these emotions like weapons.

The mechanics of Social Linking are simple: if conditions permit (and at the Storyteller’s discretion), a Card can establish a Social Link with any being, regardless of background. He or she can then buy ranks in that Social Link’s Arcana and use the powers associated with it.


  • Unless certain story conditions grant them for free (as with Social Links that a starting Card begins with at character creation), a character must spend experience points in order to create a Social Link with another player character, or with an NPC.
  • A player can make as many Social Links as he or she chooses to throughout the campaign, as long as the conditions are met.

More details on this ability are elaborated upon in its own section.

Keep the Dark Hour / Enter the Fog

A Card can enter the Dark Hour without ill effects a rate of 3 days x Vigor. After this time, they must make Willpower rolls to avoid taking negative ranks in Apathy.

PLEASE NOTE: the conditions and time in which players must roll to prevent Apathy degeneration is dictated solely by the Storyteller.


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