Places in the Upside Down

The landscape of the Dark Hour MOSTLY matches its "real world" counterpart - until you go deeper, that is. Beyond that, there are some places in the Hour of particular interest.


Those Who Walk in Shadow

The great rewards that come with Returning and completing one's Privilege come at a great cost. The Dark Hour can't be avoided - and neither can the things that are found in it.

Variant Virtues & Vices: Anchors

A character’s Virtue or Vice isn’t simply indicative of her morality. Having a Virtue like Good isn’t really appropriate, and is kind of boring, to boot. While a character’s Virtue is definitely a positive trait for her, she should absolutely be able to fulfill her Virtue while dealing with a traumatic situation. Sometimes even our Virtues can drive us to do terrible things.

The Dark Hour

Umbra of the world? A realm within the shadow of a realm? The collective unconscious? Whatever it is, the Dark Hour is dangerous, and it's intimately tied to the existence of Cards.

The Call You Didn’t Know You Answered: Persona

A Persona is the crystallized set of urges, drives and impulses that your character possesses – he or she is a direct reflection of the most powerful facet of your character, what truly represents your character for who he or she really is. Beyond that, however, a Persona is also an “archetype” – that is, a collection of symbolic ideas pertaining to a particular set of beliefs dedicated by the collective human consciousness.

A Handbook on Life After Death.

Nobody comes back from the dead unchanged, and Cards are no exception. This part of the section will outline some of the most notable differences between your character and the rest of humanity (or inhumanity), with their subsequent bearing on Storytelling systems of the game.

The Pilgrimage

The traumatic severing of a Card's soul necessitated a collective disavowal of all of the events leading up to their death - but the Dark Hour remembers. The Pilgrimage is a matter of survival, because it leads both Card and Persona back to each other.

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