Switching Masks: Changing Triumphs

One of the only consistent things about the universe is that it changes, right down to the creatures who occupy it. Cards are no exception. While some life-changing events only make a person more of who they already are, others place them on a completely different path from where they started. As such, a Card’s Triumph can change, together with their Persona.

There is no limit to the number of times that a Card ends up changing his or her Triumph, but it’s understandably a rare occurrence. Immortality tends to be less about adapting to the times and more about building up the bastion of one’s self against the onslaught of ages. There is, as well, the occasional return to one’s “true self” – that is, a Card who changed Triumphs once, and then changed back to her original Triumph, only with a different Persona.

Note that the changing of a Triumph is a monumental occurrence, and it’s never one single thing – no matter how huge – that makes something like this happen. It’s much like the changing of one’s Vice or Virtue: the circumstances of your death and your reasons for drawing in your Second Breath in the first place are an integral part of who your character is. The final word on the matter should be with your ST.


There are no mechanical prerequisites for changing Triumphs. It does not cost experience points because it is something that is purely story-driven.


There are nominal descriptions of the Cards of each Triumph in the sections below. Always remember that your Persona is an archetypal “other self”.

Your new Persona knows, of course, who you are, and also possesses the memories of its predecessor. For Cards who have purchased Merits or Abilities that are specific to his or her Persona, note that these transfer to your new companion, together with its cumulative experience points.


The dots you previously possessed with your Triumph’s Social Link do NOT automatically transfer to your new Persona. Negotiate with your ST on this matter. It’s entirely possible, for example, that your character hasn’t actually settled well into his own skin, and is in conflict with himself – hence an initially cool relationship with his companion.

Any “floating dots” from this transfer can be used to increase other Social Links, purchase Card-specific Merits, increase Vigor, increase Synergy, or purchase Minor Arcana abilities. They cannot be used to purchase dots in Skills, Attributes, regular Merits, and the like. They can, at your Storyteller’s discretion, be converted to raw experience points if nothing else seems to fit the bill.

If you possessed a Social Link with an NPC or another player character that matches your new Triumph, you may use these “floating dots” to bolster other Social Links or create new ones. Note that this does NOT include increasing the dots that you possess with your Triumph’s Social Link.

Any “floating dots” from this transfer can also be used as above.


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