Playing the Grand Game

This is “Chapter Three” of the blog, dedicated to the Storytelling systems that make a Card-centric game go ’round.

Shin.Megami.Tensei-.PERSONA.3.full.492270Switching Masks: Changing Triumphs

One of the only consistent things about the universe is that it changes, right down to the creatures who occupy it. Cards are no exception. While some life-changing events only make a person more of who they already are, others place them on a completely different path from where they started. As such, a Card’s Triumph can change, together with their Persona.

a9818396559c4039e0998b5ce79f128aStorytelling Systems: the Dark Hour

The Dark Hour, as with any other strange realm in the World of Darkness, runs on its own rules. I don’t think we need to tell you how dangerous it is either. This is the systems equivalent of the section I did on the Dark Hour.


a476c91e569bcf52663544e87673c1f0Those Who Walk in Shadow

The great rewards that come with Returning and completing one’s Privilege come at a great cost. The Dark Hour can’t be avoided – and neither can the things that are found in it. This is the page that details common encounters in the Dark Hour.



cfac69292b77ee83a0c055b4205ee30ePlaces in the Upside Down

The landscape of the Dark Hour MOSTLY matches its “real world” counterpart – until you go deeper, that is. Beyond that, there are some places in the Hour of particular interest.


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