Those Who Walk in Shadow

This page is dedicated to listing down the common encounters that Cards will have while they’re in the Dark Hour. It is by no means an exhaustive list, especially if your Storyteller is using Cards as a supplement to their World of Darkness campaigns.


0750 - HZVgyFl.jpg

The collective term for the shadowy creatures that Cards face while they are in the Dark Hour – they are all instinct and urge, and stop at nothing to devour the minds of their victims.

It’s been recently discovered that some Umbra are average human beings who get devoured by Umbra and end up becoming Umbra themselves. Others are people who could not find their way out of the Dark Hour, and ended up succumbing to Apathy.



0931 - b5uZkzG

Powerful Umbra who are, much like demon lords of Goetic stories or the Old Gods of Lovecraft, capable of controlling lesser creature from the Dark Hour. They look human up until they rip off their skin and reveal the teeming dark underneath.

What sets these Umbra apart from the rest is that they are actually Cards who failed to Return during their first death, or they’re Cards who severed themselves from their Personae, thus succumbing to Apathy. They’ve retained a malevolent sort of sentience, where their earthly desires and instincts drive their actions.

The Broken

0748 - awNfOHp.jpg

“The Broken” is a collective term for Personae who have been severed from their Cards, and end up wandering the Shadow Worlds alone until they succumb to Apathy. Personae that have been newly separated from their masters tend to retain some semblance of their sanity, but – as they cannot return to their rightful place and cannot be materialized on the proper plane – that, too, eventually dwindles away. It usually does not take too long for these abandoned Personae to completely snap, and end up preying upon Umbra, Cards and whatever else they manage to find during the Dark Hour.

Sin-Eaters / The Bound

1030 - z5lpail.png

The Cards’ brothers and sisters in second chances, although the geists – the not-quite-ghosts-sometimes-rather-archetypal things – that Sin-Eaters are bound to are completely separate entities that their human hosts have sort of melded with by merit of their Bargain for another shot at life. The Bound are the only other group of individuals who can enter the Dark Hour with ease: as such, their presence during the Dark Hour is rarely ever accidental. Whether this is a good thing or not depends entirely on the Card, and the Bound they happened to run into during their travels through the Borderlines.

Other Cards


This is more or less inevitable, given the fact that Persona users are the only ones who are capable of really exploring the Dark Hour. Of course, as with all human relations, not all Cards are friendly. Some even take great pleasure in injuring or killing other Cards, as part of their “adherence” to their own Arcana.


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