Persona: The Cans, the Cant’s & then some

This section has been divided according to circumstance-based sections. This list might have additions to it in the future!

Phase: Daily Life


  • Personae can sense when other Personae have been summoned. They can feel it in much the same way that we can see flares going off in a distance. They won’t know exactly where unless the area is close (with “close” being measured by your ST), but they’ll have a general idea.
  • Persona can communicate with the Personae of other Cards and with geists of Sin-Eaters. It’s something like a telepathic link. That is not to say, however, that they automatically know what the other Persona or geist is thinking.
  • Personae can perform surveillance. They cannot, however, move more than ten yards away from you unless your character possesses a special ability that lets you circumvent this limit.


  • Personae cannot serve as glorified vehicles. They don’t exist on the same material plane as we do, and therefore cannot scoop their users up and bear them off like Superman. The only time they are capable of touching their Cards or physically affecting them in any fashion is when the both of them are on the same plane – take, for example, when a Card finds himself in the Dark Hour.


Phase: Infiltration/Combat


  • Your character’s Persona can perform separate actions from your own character. Their initiative in these cases, however, is shared with yours – essentially, they’re acting at the same time as you are. They can cast spells, augment your character’s attacks and do a host of other things. The types of damage that they deal will follow the same rules as the Core Rulebook.
  • Personae can communicate with an opponent’s Persona or geist. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re obligated to answer, much less listen.
  • Personae can communicate non-verbally with their Card. A Card automatically has a telepathic link with his Persona, making them capable of carrying on a conversation with their “minds” when the situation calls for it.


  • A Persona cannot take damage for its Card. I can’t stress this enough. When you bleed, THEY bleed. When you heal, THEY heal. And when you die, THEY die.
    • SPECIAL: there are attacks that are directed specifically at a Card’s Persona. The negative effects, however, will always rebound not on the Card, not on the Persona he or she summons.
  • Personae cannot equip things. I… don’t think I need to explain why.


Other Things to Remember

Personae do not have separate stats. Unless the player has purchased the Merit “The Other Face of the Card”, a Persona shares his Attributes, Advantages, Skills, Merits and Abilities with his summoner. Personae can augment what their user already has, but do not have traits of their own, beyond sentience and a separate personality.

A Persona’s Arcana is its creed. Call it their moral code, if you will. Stirring up conflict between your character’s actions and their creed is bound to get ugly.

Social Links also aid in a Persona’s growth. Understanding the tenants of other Arcana (and, in turn, understanding the motivation of other human beings) informs them as much as it informs their users.


Special Rules for Personae During the Dark Hour

Personae gain material form during the Dark Hour or when he finds himself in the Other World with his Card – this means that they are capable of making physical contact with their masters, and with their enemies. They still share the same stats as their Cards, and share initiative during combat. This also means, of course, that if their Health is reduced to zero, they also fall unconscious.

Attacks that are directed during Personae during the Dark Hour affect them, not their Card.


Gaining Experience & Allocating Points

Remember: a character’s Persona is a part of that character. As such, everything, most especially experience, is shared between them. There’s only one experience points pool to go around.

Each Arcana has certain stipulations with regard to abilities, skills and merits. The abilities that are automatically locked to a Card are, of course, the abilities of other Arcana. The only way to access those is to create Social Links.


Certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to unlock the advanced ranks within a Persona’s host of Arcana-based abilities. In some cases, it’s not just a simple matter of accumulating enough EXP to purchase the advantage in question. In-game events (and, as a natural result, the way the Card in question reacts to them) will play a part in it.




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